Cross-country employer branding challenges

Our agency is in its 2nd year of supporting TESCO's employer branding in Central Europe meaning Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

TESCO as a client really is three clients in one as we work on separate tasks for their Head Office and stores, their Budapest Service Centre (TESCO Business Services Hungary) and their Technology Department (TESCO Technology), where TESCO develops in-house, among others, self-service checkout systems and software for delivery and warehousing.

Our Overall responsibilities include developing a unified employer branding strategy for the region, managing online advertising campaigns and job advertisements in Hungary and abroad, as well as managing the Facebook and LinkedIn platforms of Business Services and Technology and compiling posting schedules, writing outgoing posts.

In addition to this, we also assist our Client in a number of other areas in relation to current tasks, such as: organising staff photo shoots, supporting their presence at conferences and exhibitions, running outdoor advertising campaigns.






Reputation management