Reformation of the identity and communications of the leading trade-union of educators.

Founded a hundred years ago, the Educators' Trade Union is the largest interest protecting organization for educators in Hungary, with it’s more than 20 000 members. For the past few years, the organization constantly battled with the decline in the number of members, and the challenge of the aging population. One of the reasons for the latter problem is that without modern communication solutions, they can’t get to young educators, and the news of their results won’t get to the schools.

With the aid of our agency, the trade union implemented several novelties. Using their traditional logo, a modern identity was created, with unified elements for every county organization. We reworked their website, the to a modern and more perspicuous one. Our cooperation also included lively social media activity, a versatile publication, souvenirs, and a fresh, youthful image film.


Educators' Trade Union




Reputation management