Reputation management of Globero Ltd.

As an importer and distributor, Globero Kft. offers and distributes premium-quality but affordable outdoor and indoor furniture, home and garden accessories, as well as products related to outdoor recreation and leisure.

In connection with GINOP Plusz 1.2.1-21, we prepared a communication strategy for Globero, the primary purpose of which is to map Globero Kft.'s communication position and opportunities, determining the value proposition and target groups of the premium quality furniture manufactured and/or distributed by them, as well as collecting communication activities for the promotion of the company and the sale of product groups.

In addition to writing the strategy, we were given the opportunity to shoot video materials related to the Kamado Grill and the new furniture, which we used to launch advertising campaigns aimed at increasing sales. The recipes for the tantalizingly fragrant grilled dishes cooked in Kamado and the short image films of the comfortable garden sets were published in parallel for more than a month on several platforms, including YouTube, the website and social portals. We hope that our cooperation will continue after the conclusion of the video campaign that generated many shares.


Globero Ltd.