A trans-national cooperation for the protection of cultural heritage

The factors of climate change (flash floods, heavy rain and wind, fire due to drought) have a dominant impact on the cultural heritage, therefore an international partnership was initiated in the summer of 2017, coordinated by INTERREG. The participants from Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic contributed with scientific research, local pilot exercises, the compilation of an integrated action plan and manual, a GIS-map analyzing and forecasting risks, as well as with an interactive video game to the more conscious work of authorities and to the raising of the public’s awareness. Although the project was finished in June 2020, the promising results may lead to further cooperation.

The Hungarian project partner was represented by the Government of Baranya County, supported by our agency’s complex communication services: content management of the project homepage, organisation of professionals’ meetings, arrangement of an international conference, compilation of newsletters, personal representation and report at the project partner meetings.  




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