Körber Hungária has been present in Pécs for almost 30 years and is now one of the leading companies in the region. With nearly 1,200 highly skilled professionals, they are at the technical forefront of custom machinery manufacturing. Where there are so many people working, there are opportunities to make a great impact: for example, to spend thousands of hours per year helping the community through a volunteering programme.

Körber selects the places where they will volunteer on the recommendation of the employees, and the colleagues who recommend them will later become key project managers in the organisation. Volunteer days can take place in a nursery, school, animal shelter, fishing pond or even a zoo, where they can make raised beds, paint, plant flowers, screw, weld, concrete or renovate a library. Körber will give every support to make it successful: providing the necessary tools, supplies and food and drink while the work is being done. This year, 25 projects were completed in 9 locations, breaking the record of the previous five years. With this great project, the team of the Pécs factory won the Körber Award, the Group's number one internal award in the ESG category. The award was presented at the closing event of the Körber Leadership Meeting in Munich. Congratulations on the award!



As they say on their LinkedIn profile:

„Our aim is to make an impact by involving colleagues, their friends and family and the local community in our voluntary programme. So we are not just painting benches, we are changing the world!”

Körber, FERLING DESIGN and PR organized an exhibition about the volunteer days in the Árkád shopping centre in Pécs, which can be seen from 16 to 31 October in the ground floor corridor. Photos of volunteer days will be on display, and you can also see how many slices of pizza were eaten during their work.