Let's show the country why Baranya is a good place! In Baranya, numerous great ideas and success stories are born, but they often receive little attention and remain hidden. However, each one is an example that with vision, intention, and collaboration, success is achievable.

In the course of your daily work, you have probably come across some noteworthy achievements that have received less spotlight than their merits. There are a good number of ideas born here, initiatives implemented here, success stories from Baranya that receive little attention, but all of them are examples of the fact that if there is vision, if there is will, if there is cooperation, then the results will not be missed.

For this reason, a group of people wishing to spread the word about the hidden treasures and opportunities of Baranya County decided in the spring of 2022 that they would like to actively work together to achieve their goal, and therefore founded the "Association for Baranya". Since then, they have been supporting the development of the region's economy and society and have already celebrated a series of outstanding events.

Since its foundation, we have been helping the Association to organise events, create graphic and image materials and, since August, manage their social media platforms.

Events to date:

Some of the events we have been involved in: