The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade commissioned our DIGITAL division to build a comprehensive website, aimed at introducing the Balassi Scholarship Programmes.

The Balassi Scholarship Programmes offer a range of learning opportunities for foreigners interested in the Hungarian language, culture, and higher education. Their Hungarian courses encompass a broad spectrum, ensuring that there's something for everyone, allowing all to find the courses that best align with their interests.

For students engaged in Hungarian studies at foreign universities, they provide support through Hungarian scholarships. These scholarships are designed to assist foreigners interested in enhancing their proficiency in translation and the Hungarian language, as well as expanding their professional expertise and building a network within Hungary. For those who are preparing for university studies in Hungary, the programmes offer them the chance to develop their understanding of both the Hungarian language and their chosen subjects. Furthermore, for young individuals within the Hungarian diaspora, highly qualified instructors are there to help deepen their comprehension of the Hungarian language and culture. In addition to the standard academic year-long courses, the Balassi Summer University presents a four-week immersive language learning experience. This programme also acquaints participants with Hungarian culture, catering to those who have a keen interest in all things Hungarian.