The jury of the PR Excellence Hungary Award rewarded the Körber Hungary company with a silver qualification for two major events organized for them by Körber Hungary. The company's campaigns have been winning awards at the industry's most significant domestic competition for the third consecutive year.

Last summer, in collaboration with Körber Hungary's communication team and our event organizing partner, Partners Pécs Ltd., we coordinated two prominent events. In early June, we held an open day for the Pharma business unit, followed by the European Supplier Day at the end of the month. These occasions brought several hundred significant, mostly foreign guests, decision-makers of Körber's key potential customers and partners, to Pécs.

We made light a central element of the mixed professional and entertaining programs, aligning with Pécs's own messages that emphasize light through the Light Festival. Accordingly, not only did we dress the unconventional and exclusive venue, a converted production hall, in blue, but also the vehicles transporting the guests, the Littke Palace restaurant hosting the dinner, and even the TV tower. Among other things, the participants witnessed LED dancers in illuminated costumes, the unveiling of a brand-new drug packaging machine accompanied by a custom-designed music and light show, and a spectacular festive dinner served with visual light art.

The events, which received extremely positive feedback from the guests, were ranked among the best in the B2B campaign category by the PREXA jury. With this silver qualification, Körber's collection of awards is complete: two years ago, they won gold, the Audience Award, and the annual main prize, and last year they secured a bronze medal for the communication activities carried out in collaboration with our PR agency.