High school students had the opportunity to experience life at a European-standard cement plant. The 60-year-old factory in Vác served as the venue for the Green Alternative Competition, held by Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd., with our PR agency playing a significant role in the organization.

The Green Alternative Competition focused on high school students from Vác, where six teams advanced to the final round after the preliminary questionnaire. The objective of the program is to educate youth about environmental awareness and foster sustainable thinking.

Our PR agency played a key role in the overall management of the program. Our team provided on-site support before and during the competition in Vác. The dynamic atmosphere of the competition, the limestone quarry's surroundings, and the enthusiasm of the students captivated everyone involved. The students left with valuable gifts, and, most importantly, with lifelong experiences and knowledge.

"The incredibly professional organization, exciting tasks, and competitive atmosphere made this day truly remarkable! On an occasion like this, children can learn more about a topic than they would in half a year in the classroom," said Zsolt Gergely, the teacher of the winning team, GT-MAX.