With the ERGONOM Occupational Safety Service Ltd. we were delighted to be able to renew our previous partnership, we currently manage content for social media, websites and advertising campaigns. We create and manage content for their Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages, coordinate national advertising campaigns and create their newsletter.

The age difference between the birth of ERGONOM Occupational Safety Service Ltd. and PR agency FERLING is only 1 year in favour of our client. With three decades of experience, a nationwide service range and an outstanding professional presence, ERGONOM Ltd. ensures safe working conditions for its customers. They have outstanding expertise in occupational safety, fire protection, occupational health, machine inspections and work environment measurements.

Their profile includes training for occupational safety representatives, first aid at the workplace, fire safety exam preparation and small machine operator training, as well as training in occupational safety and/or fire safety.

They provide precision and flexibility not only to their customers, but also to us, making our daily work easier.