Between 28-30th April 2023, the Pécs University Days, popularly known as PEN Festival, took place again at the Pécs Expo Center, with Körber as the main sponsor. Because of the COVID 19-virus the participants had the last chance to party together in 2019, so this year they celebrated well.

Körber was the main sponsor of this year's PEN, their work was assisted by the PR agency FERLING. Our DESIGN and PR department supported the company with the development of visual identity ideas and organisational processes. As the visitors were arriving during the festival at the Expo Center, they were greeted by a window sticker designed by the members of the DESIGN team, and inside the building, festival-goers could spot the 'Körber point', the perfect meeting point for those who may have become separated during the party. The light painting on the "Körber point" and the animated graphics on the stage LED walls were also the work of FERLING Ltd.

Some of our colleagues also visited PEN, where we were able to see the fruits of our labour while showing our friends and family what a great company we can work with.