Most likely, at some point in our lives, someone has told us that a particular colour looks great on us. While we might assume that this is simply a matter of personal taste, it is actually rooted in the scientific concept of colour type theory. When a colour is well-suited to our natural features, it not only enhances our appearance but also boosts our self-assurance and positive energy.

Over the past few weeks, 16 members of our agency participated in colour and style counselling to discover their specific colour type. By determining whether they look best in light or dark, bright or pastel colours, they gained valuable insights into how to dress for their unique features.

It's worth noting that our colour type remains consistent throughout our lives, so once we identify it, we can confidently apply this knowledge when selecting clothes and accessories.

Since then, our colleagues have been putting their newfound knowledge into practice by selecting clothing and makeup that complement their individual colour types. Additionally, we organized a collective clothing exchange where items that no longer suited someone's style or were rarely worn found new owners. As a result of the exchange, everyone was able to take home a couple of new pieces of clothing.