TikTok has become one of the most relevant social media platforms, and Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd couldn't ignore this trend. We are pleased to announce the launch of the competition's own TikTok channel.

The focus is on the Zöld Alternatíva Competition, which is themed around environmental awareness and sustainability. The competition is designed for high school students and is organized with the help of our PR agency, FERLING. FERLING has offered a package to help with the launch of the DDC TikTok channel, including video content creation and following TikTok trends.

More information about the competition is available on the Duna-Dráva Cement Facebook page (@DunaDravaCement).

Follow the @dunadravacement TikTok channel for interesting and entertaining content where you can keep up with the sections of the Zöld Alternatíva Competition.