A podcast series about solar energy has been launched by our PR agency’ partner, Energiatakarék. The episodes appearing on Thursday cover technology, licensing, payback and usage tips.

The main focus of the Bright as the Sun! podcast is educating and dispelling misconceptions about solar power. Current legislation has created worse conditions than before for solar PV system owners, leading many to believe that it is not worth investing in them because of the poor return on investment. However, the essence has not changed: the Sun won’t issue bills, therefore solar panels can produce electricity at a fixed price for practically three decades with a one-off investment. From now on, the owner just has to use it wisely and, above all, consciously.

Among other things, the experts of Energiatakarék, Péter Kujáni and Ádám Ragoncza, give tips on how to do this in the episodes of Bright as the Sun! every Thursday. The recordings are available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple and Google podcast platforms.

The podcast channels are managed by our PR agency, and we also help promote the broadcasts by producing related content, media communications and managing advertisements.