The program called Lamb Days has been organized for the sixth year by our agency. The primary goal of the program is to make this special and healthy type of meat known and loved by the domestic audience. More and more restaurants join the program every year, thanks to which more and more people can taste this delicious type of meat.

In a consortium with its Spanish sister organization called Interovic (La Interprofesional del Ovino y Caprino de Carne), the Sheep Product Council is working hard this year as well to promote and reposition the mutton consumption.  

This year's first Lamb Days awaits those who desires delicious snacks on March 31 and April 1. and and the second occasion will be scheduled for September 29-30! We hope that the restaurants joining the Lamb Days will continue to participate enthusiastically in the initiative, since in addition to promoting the event we we also provide them with promotional materials.