Would you like to try a vegan meatloaf? How about a Mediterranean risotto? Based on our own recipe, we assisted experienced health food producer Dénes Natura in campaign planning and marketing communication concept and strategy creation.

Today people living with food intolerances and those following a fitness lifestyle are far from the only ones looking for healthy foods and ingredients at the grocery store. Nowadays diverse, conscious and sustainable nutrition is becoming more and more popular. Dénes-Natura Kft., present on the Hungarian market since 1989, wishes to bring its products to the tables of even more people.

For our PR agency, creating a marketing strategy is an exciting collaboration. This topic itself is very interesting and many of the FERLING crew follow the guidelines of sustainable, conscious eating.

The first phase of our cooperation focused on defining tools and directions. By the end of August, we will have handed over a complete toolbox to Dénes-Natura, which they can skilfully use to achieve their goals. It goes naturally, of course, that we look forward to continuing our joint work with great enthusiasm!