We organized a press trip to Prague at the invitation of the the Rohlik Group, which is the parent company of Kifli.hu.

Rohlik started as a Czech startup and became international from, now it is one of the largest and fastest growing food suppliers in Europe. Our partner agency, ShrtCut, welcomed the delegation with bursting hospitality, giving them the opportunity to get to know the city in all its glory, without the presence of tourists. Participants in the press tour visited the company’s 11,000-square-meter warehouse near Prague, but also the fish processing plant of one of its suppliers. Their own fish brand, Fjoru, is not only outstanding in terms of quality, but also has an MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certificate, which is an international trademark for fishermen and fish-processing companies committed to sustainability.

In the Hungarian delegation included Fiala Borcsa Editor-in-Chief of WMN, Nóra Judit Végh, journalist of Világgazdaság, gastronomic expert Sándor Csíki, journalist and gastrophotographer Árpád Bakcsy and blogger Ferenc “Főzelékes” Szatmári and the team was lead by our colleague. During the press trip, at the invitation of Rohlik we were joined by dr. Marta Potocka, MSC's Commercial Manager in Poland.