Our PR agency joined to the preparation works of the investment promotion strategy and action plan of Baranya county. We are working in cooperation with MSB Zrt. to lay down the basics to boost local economy.

The investment promotion part of the so called Baranya Pact project has been launched by the county’s self-government in order to stimulate the economy and create new jobs. As a first step detailed data will be collected and surveys will be done in 13 cities of Baranya – except the county seat. This database will contain the existing capabilities which can be interesting for potential investors. Based on these information we will find the most useful ways to use the available political, financial etc. tools to create the investment strategy plan of the county and the action plan which supports the implementation of strategic goals set in the document.

In addition to the strategy short descriptions on investors' and entrepreneurs' points of view, presentations and a short image film will be prepared about the settlements. We will hand over a detailed company database to the mayors to facilitate new business partnerships.

During the project our PR agency working with MSB Zrt. in consortium. Our main tasks are creating and multiple updating the communication focused documents: summaries of the strategy and the promotion materials.