Our PR agency has coordinated the student recruiting campaign of the University of Pécs’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology during the recently finished application period – with impressive results.

The cooperation between our PR agency and the faculties of University of Pécs has great tradition. The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology has chosen FERLING for the first time as the application period ended a few days ago.

The declared target of the campaign is to increase both the quality and quantity of potential students applying for undergraduate programmes. In other words: we want the greatest possible number of talented students to apply for engineering studies and especially for the University of Pécs. Besides this we had some resources to promote MSc programmes and other special courses for postgraduate professionals.

The campaign’s primary channel was the internet which suits the content consumption habits of our main target group, the final year secondary school students. Advertisements appeared on Facebook, Instagram, Google’s search page and popular websites connected to higher education. Moreover, we created radio ads and managed the faculty’s Facebook page during the campaign.

The results are convincing: the number of visitors of the faculty’s webpage for applicants has grown radically compared to the same period of last year. The exact number of applicants will be known in two months later. Because of the satisfaction of our partners, it is likely that we will be able to work together in the following months.