The conference aimed to provide practical knowledge for colleagues and is useful in their everyday life.

Just as the year before, we assisted in the organization of the company conference of Trans-Sped, a company with complex logistics services, working at the top of the domestic transportation industry. Among other things, the presentation of Csaba Azurák, József Ferling, and Tamás Czeczei awaited the more than 200 employees of the company. There was also a training session with dogs, an executive talk show, and activities that aimed to improve the cohesion of the team.

The Trans-Sped Conference aims to provide practical knowledge for colleagues that is useful in their everyday life, but it is also a priority to be an exciting experience for them. So to achieve this goal, we provided space for learning and team building and also some time for social activities and fun outside of the ordinary office environment. After the two days long event, participants were tired but happy, so it all went well. Soon, the result of the satisfaction survey will arrive, and we will know for sure.

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