Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd. won the Superior Social Responsibility Award issued by the Baranya County Organization of National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers. The reward honors the endeavors of companies that support the community of the region with the nursing of social and environmental values.

It was now the second time that the Baranya County Organization of VOSZ (National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers) invited applications. During the first phase of the competition, leaders of the association narrowed the potential winners to three companies from Baranya. Only local NGOs were allowed to vote.

The region's prominent construction material producer company Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd. got the most votes, so as the Superior Social Responsibility Award of 2019.

The CSR program of DDC focuses on environment and health protection, community sports, and the support of local cultural initiatives. Accordingly, this award is a determining accolade, outstanding success, and another confirmation for the company to keep on going with its CSR program.

Representatives of VOSZ handed out the award to Ádám Müller, director of the Beremend plant and Zoltán Guth, head of communications of DDC on the 11th of October.

Our agency offers complex communication services for Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd. for a long time. We are supporting their events with press communication, social media management, and actively taking part in the organization and execution of such events. In this project, we assisted the company in the preparation process of the competition of VOSZ.

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