Hauni Hungaria, partner of our PR agency celebrated its 25th anniversary in Pécs with a 25 km running competition. The event, which involved more than 500 athletes and contributors, was organized by Ferling.

In September we organized the biggest sports event of the year in Pécs on behalf of the Hauni Hungaria. The multinational company specialized in construction and machining is our partner for years. We have been involved in several communication activities. They are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pécs factory which means a larger communication campaign during the year.

Part of it was the Hauni25 run. Athletes could compete for 5 and 25 km individual or 10+15 km relay. The track went through many quarters of the city, including the famous sights. The runners saw Uránváros, Mecsek hillside, Tettye, Széchenyi square, and the cathedral. Start and finish were in the Hauni plant. Finishing athletes received uniquely designed, stainless steel medals made in the factory. Podium winners got a special plaque too.

353 competitors took part most of them competed in 25 km. Among them, we cloud find world-class ultramarathon runner Szilvia Lubics who won her age group of course. To manage the event we needed more than 200 contributors. They were working in the starting center, refreshing points or traffic control. 30 policemen, 50 civil guards, and more than 100 students and volunteers were helping.

Our PR agency was the main organizer of the event. We were responsible for almost everything, including preparatory works, planning the track, getting the permits advertising and coordination on the day of the run.