The cooperation between our PR agency and the Pécs Family and Carrier Point recognizes and awards exceptional performances!

The purpose of the initiative entitled “Female Role Model of the Year” is to award and introduce those women and mothers living in Baranya County who are doing exceptionally well in both the fields of family and work, in order to present them as inspiration to others.  

The Baranya-based women who apply – or get nominated by others – must be successful in their work and profession, while at the same live a balanced, harmonious family life.

To apply is easy: you only have to fill a form for yourself or for someone else on the website. Only three questions have to be answered for a complete application, which is available until 10 February.

The submitted entries will be evaluated by the Advisory Board established for the professional support of the Pécs Family and Career Point.

The seven applications chosen by the jury will be published in the website, and people will be able to vote for them on Facebook from 18 February to 3 March to determine who is to be Baranya County’s Female Role Model of the Year in 2019.

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