Our partner, internet service provider Vannet, is launching a large-scale campaign to provide superfast internet to every household in Hungary.

From the end of 2018, at least 30 Mbps superfast internet is available in every Hungarian household. Where building fiber-optic network or installing transmission towers is not possible or reasonable, the satellite technology with actual 100% coverage can be the solution.

Vannet is the Hungarian market leader in the field of residential satellite internet. With the cooperation of our PR agency they are launching a large-scale marketing campaign to reach households where ordinary internet companies are unable to provide suitable service. And there are quite a few of those: approximately 90 thousand endpoints can be found in the country.

A combination of online and offline tools will be used during the campaign designed and coordinated by our PR agency, including PPC ads, print advertisements in the local newspapers of the affected area, leaflets and direct phone calls. Vannet’s main goal is to reach as many people as possible from the 90 thousand mentioned above and gain new subscribers during the next four months.

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