Our PR agency assists ÉRD, one of the major contenders in the current season of the Hungarian women’s handball championship.

The Hungarian women’s handball championship is one of the strongest leagues in the world. The teams feature a host of foreign internationals and world class players, and regularly achieve significant international results. In this extremely strong competition the team from Érd has finished with the bronze medal six years in a row, and reached the cup final numerous times.

ÉRD started the current season with a new management and new signings. The results are promising, halfway down the year the girls sit on the third place. And among the new “signings”, we find our PR agency as well.

Our colleagues provide versatile support in solving complex communication problems typical for professional sporting associations. First and foremost we designed the unique image elements of the season, with which we prepare week by week advertisements appearing in various online and offline surfaces. Our PR agency also handles press inquiries addressed to the club, keeps contact with journalists attending home matches, organizes press conferences and our colleagues manage ÉRD’s website and Facebook page as well.

In addition to daily tasks we also support the club with consultancy. Our mutual goal is to share news about ÉRD with more and more Érd inhabitants, so that the locals have a chance not only to know the team, but think about them as their own. This way handball can become a real community organizing force that can move masses, as we have seen in examples from within and beyond our borders.

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