The WDSF Standard Formation World Championship was heldfor the second time in Pécs. Representing Hungarian colors Szilver TSE finished at the fifth, while Adria-Szigo KTSE reached the sixth place.

The high-profile event offered a spectacular program for the audience, featuring the presentations of 13 formations coming from nine countries, the enchanting show of Andrea Silvestri and Martina Váradi, and the SZIGO Cup held on Sunday. The well-organized event was welcomed by a jovial atmosphere and a cheering crowd. The first prize went to the team of Russian Vera Tyumen, the second place was clinched by also Russian Triumph Ufa, and the bronze medal was awarded to German Braunschweiger TSC. This year marked the second time that domestic teams managed to qualify for the World Championship. Among them Szilver TSE from Szentes reached the fifth place. Adria-Szigo KTSE, led by main organizer Balázs Kapronczai finished at the also very high, at sixth place. Our agency assisted the event with preparing its communication and providing continuous social media support.