We lent a helping (robotic) hand in Budapest last week, where OnRobot, a Danish robot technology company held its first Hungarian press breakfast.

The event, which served as an introduction for the media, proved to be a successful one: after the presentation of the Danish CEO, Enrico Krog Iversen, the participants showered him and the other featured Danish and Hungarian colleagues with questions, and they had a chance to personally meet a robot as well.

One of the greatest advantages of OnRobot is that they can be the leaders of the collaborative robot equipment market by manufacturing products that are compatible with the robotic arms of all major collaborative robot manufacturers. For example, during the presentation István Balázs, CEE Regional Technical Support Engineer added several types of tools to a Universal Robots U5 robotic arm, which he was able to do in only two movements with the help of the Quick Changer tool.

Dynamically growing OnRobot, which announces a new acquisition every quarter, is supported by our agency in their domestic press and social media communication. We played an active role also in the planning of the press event, thus contributing to the strong presence of the company in the domestic market and media as well.

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